Initial & Established Patients


How is your clinic doing financially compared to similar offices?

Every practice and clinic in the United States has a certain profile and mix of services that it provides to patients and the community. Whether you are a family practice clinic, a community clinic, pediatrician, etc. your business probably performs the same 30 or 40 procedures 95% of the time. Find out if your revenue mix is optimized for your specialty.


Benchmark for Success

Wouldn’t you like to know how you are doing compared to your peers and find out where your gaps are? The key to increasing your top-line income (while operating your practice exactly the way that you want to) is to understand what new revenue opportunities exist that are already in your skill set, already within your core competencies, and can be added seamlessly to your schedule.


Correct Charting & Documentation is Key

Every office bills the same CPT codes for initial office visits (99201-99205) and for established patient visits (99211-99215) but did you know that different practices bill these ranges of office visits in different proportions? We can help you understand exactly where you are underbilling on your office visits, offer specific advice on how to bill correctly, and how to increase your income. Charting office visits correctly (HPI, exam, MDM) is a tune up that will offer your practice immediate benefits.  

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